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Bemztouch – Bg Schools LMS

As a leading learning management system, BG SCHOOLS Learning gives you complete control over your learning visibility, Progress and reporting, as well as the look and feel of its platform. We will help you with these personalisation features to customise your Learning and dashboards a progress.

Bg Schools is one of the most effective cloud-based Learning Management Systems. Full control over the eLearning course’s setup, delivery and learner progress tracking along with functional features that take learning to the next level. Our e-learning courses are supported by a unique online management system which captures essential information for your Learning abilities and provides a fully-self development and trail of actions required or taken. It allows you to: Manage your data; Follow a trail of actions required or taken to the next level of each progress you made.

Management E-Learning Interactive eLearning courses for the development of aspiring and experienced Teachers, generally dealing with team interactions and co-operation. Our courses cover a range of areas, from managing people learning progress, to helping them solve difficult problems, disciplinary issues and grievances.

Our team of ex-regulators, industry practitioners and subject matter experts, you will benefit from their expertise and experience.

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