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Personalized Content According to Your Geolocation and Browsing History

Perhaps you have visited a website and then come back to it a few hours or days later to see that the content has changed. When you pull it up on your phone for the first time or on another browser, you see the original content you saw the first time you visited the website.

It’s no secret, most advanced websites track our browsing history and know our locations. But cutting edge web agencies will advise their customers to display dynamic content, content based on past user behavior, or what we know about a user. Not generic content made to serve everyone. 

Custom content created for users returning to your website for a second or third time can increase conversion.

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You experience this every time you use Google as a search engine. People looking for a nearby restaurant in Abuja, Lagos, will see different results than users in other towns.

A great directory website will also recognize the type of food you like. If you reviewed or saved Nigerian restaurants in the past, it might make sense to weigh Nigerian restaurants higher in your search results.

Another example is when you visit your bank’s website for the first time, and you need to add your username and mark your browser as “trusted.” When you come back, the bank will know you are an individual or a business customer. So, they will push their residential or commercial offerings according to your customer status.

Personalized content is probably more important for e-commerce website owners. Displaying recently viewed, saved, or liked products for online shoppers can lead to increased conversions. Highlighting abandoned cart contents for returning customers is also crucial to maintaining a higher conversion rate.

Without realizing it, personalized website content has become more expected by users; and it will be an even more dominant focus for a successful web presence.

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