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The importance of Technology in the era of COVID-19

Emerging technologies, socio-demographic shifts, political and economic uncertainty, COVID-19 has change entire economic and geopolitical systems. The nature of trade is undergoing a profound shift in an increasingly digital, interconnected cyber world. Resilience and connectivity will be the new watchwords as organisations seek to adjust to this unpredictable future.


We are seeing a streamlining of decision-making processes and the use of technology and data to increase responsiveness and planning. As an information and Communication Technology company with a global footprint, many of our services are used to working extensively over digital platforms, but the ability of our in-house IT teams to react quickly and put in place the facilities for home working has been fantastic. This has enabled us to work via a variety of digital channels, creating amazing connectivity between our colleagues and our customers.

There are some rather unexpected benefits, our productivity has significantly increased, largely we believe through a reduction in travelling, as commuters, but also to attend meetings. Online meetings are also often shorter and more focussed. We believe that having created these skills and techniques, they will remain in a post coronavirus pandemic world as we see a renewed focus on business continuity and resilience. 

Control measures like Isolation and loneliness in our community is a recognised mental health problem, made worse since the threat of COVID-19. Over the coming months there will be a greater need for communities to come together with practical support and new technologies can play a part.

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